Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on the Swarm Catch

I have been checking on the swarm that I caught using the bee pheromone and the hive is growing nicely. I added three more frames of foundation to the nuc hive the other day and all looks ok. I am going to leave the nuc hive at its original location until the hive is stronger and I will then transfer to a full size Langstroth. I opened my other hives today and for some reason the bees are not moving above the queen excluder below the new supers that I placed this year. I have heard others have had this problem also so I removed the queen excluders. The bees appear to be increasing in numbers. My Dad called me today and he has caught another swarm for me. I think I will place this hive in my father-in-law's garden. The hive beetles are definitly under control with the traps. Excellent move installing the beetle traps.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Swarm Catch

The other day I placed a nuc hive on a tree with new swarm pheromone attached to the front. I did this to two nuc's. I just checked the boxes and I actually have a swarm in one of the boxes. That pheromone really works. Today I filled the swarm catch box with frames (I only originally placed 2 frames with wax because I was doubtful that I would actually catch a swarm.) At any rate I have a new hive to manage now and it was essentially free and required only a small effort to attach the nuc hive to the tree. Not bad for a few minutes work. The other 3 hives are growing quickly. I am anticipating harvesting honey from them in about 2 months. My Father also caught a swarm for me the other day, I just need to have the time to go get it, that will give me 5 hives. I have been giving honey away to all friends and work cohorts. It is a pleasure to share the honey with others.