Friday, June 27, 2008

Lumber for Bee Hives

Our home was constructed of framing lumber that was cut on my sawmill and airdried for 5 years. The garage is currently under construction. I plan to pour a driveway after the garage is bricked.

Prior to garage construction.
I built my Langstroth hives from lumber that I cut on my hydraulic Timberking sawmill. I have had this mill since 1997 and it works perfectly. I also used this mill to cut my materials list for my house that my wife and I have recently completed. The hives were made from cypress that I cut on 50% with the landowner. The key to good lumber from the mill is having a place to stack and sticker and air dry the wood. Anyway, I thought you may like to see the mill.

Hives Looking Good! Have Brood and Honey!

There must be a queen in there with all the brood. Good tight pattern.

Healthy growing hive

This morning I checked my hives and the hive that I thought had no queen now has lots of brood. The other hive is growing much faster and has actually filled the super with 50% of honey. No honey in the super of the weaker hive but I think it may catch up since there is now obviously a queen in there. It must have worked when I placed a frame of brood from the healthy hive to the weaker hive so that the weaker hive could form their own queen. Pretty cool. I took some good photo's of the bees. Check it out

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Added Supers

The hives are growing by leaps and bounds. 8 of 10 frames drawn into comb. Added supers on 6/1/08. I still see no brood in one hive but it is growing somehow. I shall check it more closely this weekend. Both have beautiful honey in most of the frames already. More pictures to come.