Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hive Entrance Feeder

Today there was a very cold front that swept through our area and I became concerned for the Bees. I wanted to be sure that they had plenty of nutrition to maintain their temp. I needed a hive feeder that was quick and easy to make. I chose to build an entrance feeder because I did not want to open the hive in this cold weather. I saw no other plans for this on the net and so I devised my own. Not fancy but it did work. I hope the photos explain the process.

Shitake Mushrooms Anyone?

Another interest I have developed is that of growing mushrooms. I have read numerous articles on the net and have read (The Mushroom Cultivator) by Paul Stamets and JS Chilton. It is a very good book for the individual whom is interested in this sort of thing. I have recently (1/19/2009) inoculated the growing substrate (oak log). I purchased my fungi from The process is quite simple. Simply cut some fresh oak logs, seal the ends with wax, after 2 weeks you can inoculate the logs with your fungi and seal the holes with wax. I chose to grow shitake but I also want to inoculate some portabella as well. I have published this post to serve as a reminder to me as to the date of inoculation. Some photo's of the fresh cut growing medium, melting of wax, wax on ends of growing medium, and my moisture meter showing 99%. Best to keep logs around 40% moisture content.

Nice Buck!

This is a photo that was taken the other day by my wildlife camera. Not too bad. Beautiful animal.